Pacinos Hair Fiber Kit Guide

Pacinos Hair Fiber Kit Guide


There are several different options for dealing with balding or thinning hair. Some of these require very little work on your part, while others can be a bit inconvenient in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Using Pacinos Hair Fiber Kit, dealing with balding or thinning hair can be really simple.

Pacinos Hair Fiber Kit is a clump-free shaker and spray designed for a real hair effect & natural undetectable finish. These fibers instantly cover bald spots, thinning hair, and patchiness on desired areas. The pump nozzle is designed to apply the fibers onto thinning areas. Included sprayer makes it easier to distribute the fibers uniformly and seamlessly.

How To Use:

#1 Fully Wash, dry, and style hair as usual.

#2 Shake or spray fibers over desired areas.

#3 Pat gently to set it in place. 

#4 For best performance, apply our Pacinos Freeze Spray to lock in the look and ensure an all day hold.

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