Don't Make These 5 Grooming Mistakes

Don't Make These 5 Grooming Mistakes


If you’re like most guys, your grooming routine has a tendency to be unstructured and disorganized. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look great! In fact, making a few changes to your grooming habits can do wonders for your confidence and self-image. The key is understanding what to change and why. So avoid the following five grooming mistakes and you’ll be on track to having a positive self-image.

#1: Not washing your face before going to bed.

  • Many bacteria, dirt, and oils build up on the face throughout the day. Because of that, making sure that you wash your face and remove all that build-up will ensure you maintain a healthy and clean face.
  • Not washing your face can ultimately damage it, for example, causing acne.
  • Washing your face with gentle exfoliators like Pacinos Beard & Face Scrub, your skin will be left clean, smooth, and soft. Also, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil infused will provide deep moisture to leave skin spotless.

#2: Not using sunscreen.

  • Applying sunscreen every day should be one of the most crucial steps in your grooming routine.
  • Using SPF can keep your face protected from the sun and help your skin look as healthy as it can. Furthermore, sunscreen with moisturizer included will help keep your skin fresh and not appear dry.
  • Not wearing sunscreen and not protecting your skin from the rays can ultimately cause skin discoloration, aging, sunburns, and skin cancer.

#3: Overdoing it.

  • Keeping things simple a lot of the time is better. Being well-groomed does not mean using excessive products.
  • When using too many products, there can be an excessive amount of fragrance that comes with it. Mixing those fragrances can sometimes be overwhelming to the nose in not a pleasant way.
  • Keeping things minimal and using only the products that work best for you will let you feel and look the best way possible.

#4: Applying hard gel to your hair.

  • Wanting a strong hold does not require using a hard hair gel. Applying that gel can leave the hair dry and with a very flakey look. Also, using a gel like that can make your hair feel crispy and hard.
  • Instead, applying a soft and malleable product like Pacinos Matte Paste or Pacinos Créme Sculpting Wax helps maintain a strong hold while leaving the hair more natural.

#5: Using shampoo every day.

  • If you wash your hair too often, it can dry it out.  
  • Instead, washing your hair around two to three times a week (rinsing it during off days) will help maintain your hair healthy and hydrated.

Most guys could do with making a few changes to their grooming routine. A simple haircut and a clean shave can be a great start. But you shouldn't stop there. You may be surprised how much of an impression your grooming habits leave on other people, from the clothes that you wear to how often your teeth get cleaned, your grooming routines speak volumes about the kind of person you are.

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