3 Men's Grooming Products You Probably Didn't Know About

3 Men's Grooming Products You Probably Didn't Know About

For many decades, the male grooming industry was heavily overlooked, with not many products available and catered toward men. In addition, the products that were accessible at the time were either not inclusive to diverse hair types and face textures or challenging to obtain. In recent years this has heavily changed, with the male grooming industry growing rapidly and developing around the globe. As a result, at Pacinos Signature Line, our goal is to create products for men that not only innovate the grooming industry, but also offer easy solutions to styling, enhancements and skin care. 

#1. Pacinos Under Eye Gel Patches:

Pacinos Under Eye Gel Patch is rich in Vitamin E, B5, Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients that promote collagen production, microcirculation, increasing skin, detoxification, increasing skin firmness and elasticity. These eye gel patches help eliminate eye bags, soothe wrinkles and help brighten dark areas.

** We recommend using these before a night out or morning before work.

#2. Beard Pencil Filler + Brush:

Achieve a clean, fuller and contoured appearance with our Beard Pencil Filler. Reduce the appearance of gaps in your beard, mustache, or eyebrows. Our formula lasts all day without smudging or fading through sweat. Easy to blend with included Bristle Brush for a more natural effect. 

** We recommend washing out the product before sleep and re-apply every morning.

#3. Volumizing Matte Powder:

This powder sets invisibly onto hair to create amazing volume and texture with a matte finish, creating a fuller effect. Pacinos Matte Powder can also be used to revamp your hair style and absorb unwanted oil to give your hair a cleaner, fresher appearance without washing your hair.



Optimize your daily routine by using less complicated products with more manageable steps. Products like the ones we mentioned are simple to use and don't require much time to apply or complicated steps to make them work. You definitely don't want to miss out on these!

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